Saturday, April 16, 2011

Angry Birds winner Appy Awards

The winner of the Appy Awards, the first time held in London, is the app of the game Angry Birds. It won the price of the best game and as app of the year.

By destroying the green pigs, the Angry Birds can get back their eggs. The mean green pigs are protected by constructions of wood, glass and stone.

In almost every category the apps of big internet companies won, Amazon, eBay, Google and Facebook were among the winners. It isn’t suprising that developing apps for smartphones is big business. Only in the app store of Apple there are 350.000 programs and in the Android market of Google 200.000. Nokia and Windows are a little bit behind with 65.000 and 11.000 apps.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Android in Airplanes

It looks that Android, the popular open-source operating system of Google, soon can be used in airplanes. Not in the cockpit, but as the motor behind the entertainment system on board.

It looks that Android is going further on the success of the smart phone and tablet industry. The system is designed by Thales, a very well known player in the niche market, together with Panasonic.

The name of the system is eX3 and was presented the first time to the public by Engadget in September 2010. According to several people the system is ready to be launched.

In-flightentertainmentsystems exist longer but the possibilities the new system has are impressive; news, live TV, games, access to social networks, broad band internet and mobile service.

The build in screen in the chairs are equipped with a touch screen but also can be operated with an extern controller with touch screen; it can even sometimes give 3D features.

Since Android is a broad platform, the possibilities seem endless. It’s possible for the airlines to add their own applications to the basic software without to much problems.