Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Newest iPhone Apps

1) Word Search Puzzles

Find the hidden words. Hit on the first letter; then drag the cursor over the word and release the button on the last letter.


2) Delicious Foods - PuzzleBox

To play this puzzle game you need to have PuzzleBox installed. Support App2SD.

Publisher: Squinky

3) Towers of Hanoi

Logic / Puzzle game. Try move the stack of discs from the starting tower to either of the other two towers.

Publisher: Bladesoftware

4) Care Bears Tap & Switch

This is a funny and cute matching game. Switch any icon with the one around it. Once three same icons matched, they will disappear and others will fill the empty site.

Publisher: Funweaver

5) Androminion Pro

This is the donation version of Androminion.

Publisher: Ankurmehta

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